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Texas Tornados Facility Rules & Regulations

TTVB Facility Rules and Regulations

  • No Parking under the Porte’ Cache at Better Beginnings Daycare, Goforth Park, in front of the dispatch center behind Texas Tornados Building or any marked handicap or fire lane.  Please park on Wheat Cross Drive, Tornados parking lot or the church across the street on Saturday’s.  The church parking lot is also available on Sunday’s after 1pm.  You may also park in the parking spaces at Better Beginnings day care. In addition, we offer a FREE Shuttle service for over-flow parking at BIRKES Elementary School (Queenston / West Rd.).
  • No coolers, outside food or drinks allowed inside the facility when the snack bar is open.  Water bottles will be the only exception to this rule.
  • Please utilize courts only at the agreed upon times.  Only players and coaches will be allowed on the wood courts.
  • Only Court shoes or socks will be allowed on the wood courts.
  • All children attending the tournament must be always supervised by their parent/legal guardian.  Texas Tornados assumes no responsibility for injuries due to lack of supervision.
  • Contact person or a designated person running the event must be present and available at all reserved times.
  • Report all spills or cleanups immediately to a Texas Tornado manager on duty.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed inside or outside the facility unless special permission is granted.  If serving alcohol, then you must provide a permit and security.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone using profanity, not complying with Texas Tornados Training Facility rules, or displaying abusive behavior from the premises. 
  • Designated walkways inside the facility must be kept clear for emergencies.
  • During COVID-19, all players, coaches, staff, and spectators must wear a mask into the facility, unless otherwise told. Spectators are asked to also leave the playing area when your child is finished playing to create enough space for the next teams game.
  • You must purchase a ticket to be allowed into the facility. Tickets are available online at Eventbrite or sold at the door.

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