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Texas Tornados COVID Status and Rules


Our current status is LOW.  Please see the specific notes below on for our rules and regulations around this status. Please note that masks are still required at TTVB.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

2020-2021 Texas Tornados COVID Strategic Plan

COVID 19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented worldwide health crisis.  As we plan for the 2020-2021 season, the health and safety of our players and staff is our top priority.  We are committed to providing a safe place for our players to train and have a gym to call home.  This pandemic does not change the high standards we set for training and growth in the sport.  We will continue to be TEXAS TORNADOS STRONG!

A Commitment to:

  1. High standard of training, sportsmanship and individual player development and success
  2. Prioritize health and safety of players and staff
  3. Use research-based data to implement and enforce best practices in the areas of health and safety
  4. Respect and follow the authority of local, state, and federal guidelines and orders

All communication regarding our COVID 19 plan will be updated through our webpage at

COVID 19 Exposure and Symptoms:

This statement refers to “close contact” with an individual who is lab confirmed to have COVID 19.  Close contact is determined by the authorities as:

  1. Being directly exposed to infectious secretions (being coughed on while not wearing a mask)
  2. Being within 6 feet of someone positive for more than 15 minutes, while not wearing a mask or face shield
  3. Living in a household with someone positive with COVID 19

If any of these have occurred within 14 days or 2 days prior to the individual being symptomatic or 2 days prior to a positive COVID 19 test then we can assume you have been in “close contact”. 

Texas Tornados COVID Risk Levels

As we begin the season, Texas Tornados will follow three levels of risk that will be established by monitoring our gyms exposures and the government recommendations and orders.  We will notify parents immediately of level change and risk.

At all risk levels...

  • New Season COVID waiver must be signed before starting practice
  • Travel needs to be reported to coaches
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entering gym
  • Gym and equipment will be sanitized and cleaned as stated above


Defined by no direct gym exposure, no confirmed cases and limited community risk

  • Practices and play will occur as normal
  • Make-Up players/ guest players will be permitted to practice with other teams
  • Parents will be allowed at practices, but required to wear a mask and social distance from other families
  • No change to travel or play schedule
  • Inter-club scrimmages are permitted
  • Player contact (high fives) will be permitted
  • Parents allowed at privates and clinics


Defined by secondary gym exposure and increased community risks in accordance with established guidelines from the local, state and federal governments

  • Practices will occur as normal (but evaluated per team, based on direct contact and case) If a player on team is positive or a direct family member has tested positive the team must quarantine 7 days and remain without symptoms
  • Players must wear masks to and from the court
  • No parents at practices
  • 1 parent per player at scrimmages and they must wear a mask and remain 6 feet from others
  • No make-up or guest players
  • Scrimmaging only between individual team
  • No player contact (high fives)


Defined by a positive case confirmed in the gym or established by the local, state and federal governments.  Protocols will be determined by the CDC

  • No parents in the gym
  • Coaches must wear masks during practice
  • Practices will be reduced to small groups and teams with direct exposure will be asked to quarantine for 7 days
  • No Scrimmaging
  • Sand practices may be necessary
  • Zoom workouts may be necessary
  • Schedules will be evaluated per team

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